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The Picket Story

Hosts Lorenzo and Jake reflected on the nation’s past and present, sought out the long-dormant Jack and Diane, and searched from the picket fence to the picket line in an effort to claim their slice of the American pie. The project's objective was to facilitate an open, non-partisan discussion focused on a diverse array of values and beliefs. They interviewed inspiring individuals from across this land to gain a better understanding of citizens' and politicians' perceptions of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Conversations from 2020 and 2021 are archived on this website.

Jake Peterson

Resident Philosophe

Jake is a  writer, photographer, and constant fool. Acquaintances often note Mr. Peterson's eccentricity—he truly is a child of the wild west. 

Electronic Mail

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Lorenzo Ruiz


Lorenzo is frequently confused but rarely uninspired; he's an intrepid realist and a cautious adventurer. As both a print journalist and a 21st-century radio broadcaster, Mr. Ruiz is confident his career decisions are future-proof.

Electronic Mail

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